Sharon A. Scialli      
(813) 765-9983
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December 30 & 31
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Biography and Statement


I design, create, market, and sell unique woven and sculptured fine art jewelry.  My process incorporates techniques from sculpture, drawing, painting, and weaving.  I sculpt polymer forms, weave beaded passages with needle and thread, and include semi-precious stone, pearl, metal, and other materials.  I assemble the forms, passages, and additional elements into necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and pendants. My primary markets are on the East Coast and include: New York, New England, Virginia and Maryland (Washington D.C.), the Carolinas, and Florida.  I  also exhibit in Michigan.  My art has been shown in galleries and boutiques in Beverly Hills, Eureka Springs,  St. Petersburg, and in the Long Beach Island Foundation Gallery in Loveladies, NJ.


My process divides into three stages:

First, I sculpt polymer forms. I do this with my hands and a few basic tools. The polymer material is poly vinyl choride, pigment, and binder.  I knead the polymer, mix my colors, and hand create my patterns by establishing them in a polymer cylinder called a "cane".  I slice a small portion of the cane and script and sculpt that portion.  The polymer is fired at low temperatures.

Second, I weave passages that incorporate small glass beads, metal, semi-precious stone, cultured pearl, and other elements.  I use a special braided stainless steel thread, covered by nylon, so it is very strong, flexible, and impervious to cosmetics and skin secretions.  The weaving is based on variations of the peyote and herringbone stitches, as well as my own free form designs.

Third, I assemble the various elements I have created into many artistic forms, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and pendants.  My findings are sterling silver.  The materials are durable, the jewelry is comfortable, and the workmanship is designed to wear well over the years.

Training and Life Experience

I am a mother, a wife, a friend, a teacher, a business owner, and always beneath the surface of all I do, "an artist".  I have a B.A. degree from Michigan State University and an M.S. degree from Cal State Fullerton, but neither degree is in "art". My art expresses my life.  It reveals who I am and what I live.

Inspiration and Viewpoint

I am inspired by the elegance of the natural world, especially its forms, colors, movement and light.  Common threads are my subject. Change is the constant.

Sharon Scialli